SALEM (tv)(2014) --------Selectman------- (Season 1 episode 12, 2014, Season 2 Episode TBA 2015)------- FOX

Zombie Busters(2012) ***Zombie*** ***Sportsmans Channel***

SNITCH(2013) *** BBQ/Birthday Party Scene*** ***Ric Roman Waugh***

Butter(2012) *** Corporate Employee*** Jim Field Smith ******

The Gates(ABC TV Series)(2010) *** "Dad" Funeral Photo Shoot ***

The Good Guys(Fox TV Series)(2010) *** Taxi Driver ***

Vampires Suck(2010) *** Pedestrian ***

Lonestar (Fox Series Pilot)(2010) *** Oil Company Executive *** Marc Webb

Drive Angry(2010) *** Police Detective *** Patrick Lussier

Skateland(2008) *** Mall Shopper*** Anthony Burns

Acceptance (2008) *** Yates Faculty*** Sanaa Hamri (Lifetime Original Movie)

Leaves Of Grass(2008) *** Jewish Congregation Member *** Tim Blake Nelson

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (2008) *** Businessman in Club *** Bob Gosse

W (2008) *** Presidential Aid *** Oliver Stone

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (2008) *** Couple With Dog *** Peter Hyams

Soul Men (2008)*** NYC Policeman *** Malcolm Lee

Year One (2008)***Sodom Citizen *** Harold Ramis

Major Movie Star (2007)*** Hollywood Elite (Theater Scene) *** Steve Miner
(aka..Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous) America DVD Release Feb. 2009

The Great Debaters (2007)*** Texas Ranger Deputy/Union Buster *** Denzel Washington


Scene Study --Acclaim Talent,Shreveport,LA--Ongoing

Acting Classes and Business Seminar, Shreveport,LA,
camera acting, Meisner Technique ,Stanislavski Theories and technique,

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